[plug] Nero launches a version for Linux.

Kev kdownes at tpg.com.au
Thu Mar 17 14:44:31 WST 2005

Ben Jensz wrote:
> Just because something might be for an open source operating system, or 
> is just generally open source doesn't by definition mean it has to be 
> free.  Open source doesn't automatically mean free.
> I personally think its a good thing, the more commercial software 
> companies that make software for Linux, the more likely we are to see 
> widespread usage of it.  The less barriers there are for someone to use 
> Linux as a desktop OS in a commercial or even home environment, the better.

I can go with that.  However, Nero are making out that NeroLinux is free 
(large font "FREE"), and it's not!  Playing semantic hop-scotch with 
Windoze Nero doesn't alter the fact that you must pay for NeroLinux - 
it's not free.  Why not be upfront and just say so.  I own a lot of 
proprietary software, and have no qualms about paying for good stuff. 
My gripe is about their dishonesty.

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