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Bernd Felsche bernie at innovative.iinet.net.au
Thu May 5 16:29:37 WST 2005

"simon" <simon at plumtek.com> writes:
>doodli (doodli at westnet.com.au) wrote:

>> Somehow I have managed to stop myself from logging on as root. 

Not a bad move!
>> OS is Suse 9.2 . The login screen now only allows ordinary users
>> to login, no root login allowed. While in some ways I suppose
>> this is OK it is also got me buggered what I did to cause it.

It's more than OK: it's excellent!

>> This is in KDE desktop, I can still press CTRL +ALT +F2 and log
>> in there as root and also konsole allows su , so it is only KDE
>> that is being difficult to get on with.

"Don't do that then" :-)

>I would have thought that was the default.... root + X = bad idea...

Basically because root has "too much" permission to safely use X.

One can still login as root with KDM. SuSE jusr doesn't display
"faces" for non-l^Huser accounts in order to minimise possible
damage. A normal user can start up SuSE's YaST from the menu and
will be prompted for the root password to sire up the application
for real. They can also obtain either an Xterm with root permissions
or a console session for administration in a similar manner.

Some people still insist on logging into X as root; which SuSE
celebrates by placing bombs on their bright red desktop background.

>Are you sure you were logging in as root from KDM?

>It is always good practise to login as a normal user and then su to
>do any administration.... if there are things you must run as root
>commonly, check out sudo.
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