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Milan Pospisil pospim at gmail.com
Fri May 6 12:00:10 WST 2005

On 5/5/05, doodli <doodli at westnet.com.au> wrote:
> New to Linux so be gentle. Somehow I have managed to stop myself from
> logging on as root. OS is Suse 9.2 . The login screen now only allows
> ordinary users to login, no root login allowed.

Hmmm.. I run SuSE9.2 on my machine and I can log in as root no probs.
Perhaps checking your Login Manager might give you some answers. Go to
Control Center-> System Administration->Login Manager(or AltF2 and
type Login Manager). You will have to provide your administrator(root)
password to get in and then go to Users and click on  the down
pointing arrow in User Images and you should see root listed there.
Also, check if root is listed under Hidden Users and if yes, unselect

>While in some ways I suppose this is OK it is also got me buggered
what I did to cause it.

Yes, generaly it is not a very good idea to log in as root but I can
see your point here that you want to find the cause of the problem.
> This is in KDE desktop, I can still press CTRL +ALT +F2 and log in there
> as root and also konsole allows su , so it is only KDE that is being
> difficult to get on with.

Well, perhaps you might want to try Gnome or any other desktop
enviroment(via the Menu option in the log in promt when booting up the
machine) in order to see if the problem is specific only to KDE.

> Any suggestions gratefully received.
> PS Has anyone been able to get their hands on Suse 9.3 yet?

Not me, but I would not mind to have a snif myself...
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