[plug] Wacky packet loss/delays on wireless

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Tue May 24 21:39:49 WST 2005

Ben Jensz wrote:

> How close together are the laptop and AP?

A couple of metres :)

> Because its possible that the transmit power is too high for the 
> distance the devices are apart and particularly in a house you could be 
> getting signal reflection (i.e. the same signal reaching the AP or your 
> laptop multiple times).  I had problems when I networked my Dad's 
> computer to an AP in my folks place... the network connection 
> performance was incredibly slow and it would drop out randomly.

Interesting... my AP doesn't have an option to lower the tx power.
However shoving it in a closet appears to have helped a bit.



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