[plug] borderless, fullscreen windows - fluxbox

Shanon autobot at iinet.net.au
Tue Nov 8 14:49:52 WST 2005

Well you could ask someone who knows a little about pieLINKs ;)

1) Some investigation will show that firefox cannot be started in 'kiosk mode'
but you can switch to it with F11 once started - which is pretty silly in some
There are several extensions to play with, try searching 'full screen extension'
on add-ons in mozilla.org, or this one is also interesting

2) Cant tell you how we do it, but Mike's comments below are right, you have to
investigate GDM, KDE, or simpler DMs to show windows without title bars and borders.

good luck

Quoting Mike Holland <myk.list at westnet.com.au>:

> John Knight wrote:
> > 
> > a mate of mine is trying to customise damn small linux so that fluxbox 
> > starts up with firefox automatically in fullscreen and obliterates the 
> > rest of the screen (ala pie-link), with no window border.
> > 
> > any ideas on
> > 1. the firefox command
> I just tried 'firefox --help', and it gives arguments for width and 
> height. Or see 'man X' for generic geometry settings.
> > 2. the window borders?
> Thats done by the window manager, so RTFM for whatever window manager 
> fluxbox uses. Or you could try running without a WM.
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