[plug] These prices are HOT

Mr Shayne shayne at guild.murdoch.edu.au
Fri Nov 11 11:47:33 WST 2005

I kinda reckon the latest open office is pretty "hot" :)

Actually, incase anyone hasnt played with it yet. The Database is magical 
stuff. Think "access" but with the ability to *sanely* back-end to mysql, 
postgres or heck oracle or whatever you can get a jdbc or odbc driver for. 
Access can do this, but tends to impose restrictions (like MUST have 
primary key + time stamp , which is imanantly sensible, but hard to 
explain the necesity to for non DB trained staff). More to the point, the 
forms, reporting and access-like "query builder" mean I can show staff how 
to build basic data mining procedures without having to show SQL (yes, 
some of our staff have figured out how to craft basic SQL searches in 

Freedom's just another word for something new to regulate

On Thu, 10 Nov 2005, simon wrote:

> Kev (kdownes at tpg.com.au) wrote:
>> I receive "specials" from one of my suppliers on a regular basis.  This
>> one today made me wonder even more why people persist with Window$.
> Funny, I know quite a few people who use these 'hot' copies of office
> :D
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