[plug] Test - No messages today

Gregory Orange gregory.orange at metoceanengineers.com
Thu Nov 24 15:59:27 WST 2005

Bennett, Phillip wrote:
> When I can get away with it...  :)
> It's not like I use it a lot, just maybe a couple of messages a month
> kind of thing.  I don't talk a lot, I just like to be contactable.
> Does anyone else use this kind of thing at work?  Or have I had it too
> easy up until now?  :P
> Phil.

We have a fairly informal office culture (of 50 odd staff), which works 
very well - the overriding policy is that you put in an acceptable 
(37.5hrs or whatever) working week of actual work. Consequently ICQ sees 
a fair bit of use, actually I've got it and gaim installed myself. That 
said, I use it like you do - online for being contacted occasionally.


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