[plug] Modem disconnects

Mark J Gaynor mark at mjg.id.au
Mon Nov 28 17:12:38 WST 2005

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On 28/11/2005 at 3:29 PM Shannon Carver wrote:

>Most possibly wrong, but are you often getting disconnects after 100-120
>minutes??  It's been years since I had dialup, but back in the day it
>was quite common for ISP's to disconnect you at or around 1 hours, 2
>hours, 4 hours etc etc

You obviously did not read the question. 

>My serial Modem keeps on disconnecting and my ISP said it is my end 
>hanging up.

The question is "my serial Modem keeps on disconnecting", the ISP is saying
its alright at my end the fault is at your end!

What is being said is the problem is between the ISP and the client. That
the phone system and the client setup. No information was supplied to
either as being ruled out. That is using another phone line or another PC.
logically anything between the client and the ISP is the possible cause.

I have had connection times into the days with a similar disconnection
signal in
the logs. The telephone exchanges have loggers monitoring all the lines in
exchange and report line faults sometimes before you know about them. They
regularly reset lines that are connected for extended times. I would not
say 114
minutes is exactly an exceptionally long connection time, but you don't
what conditions are in the connecting exchange/s. It may well be a fault
in itself, connection times are only guaranteed for voice as far as I know,
and that
may have changed recently.

I am no expert on this matter but have used dialup accounts a lot and have
had a
multitude of problems that are neither ISP or client related. Most have
been traced
to the telco, line or some service interfering with the phone service like
a radio
transmitter or something in the RF arena.

The question is simple but the answer can be any one of many. Without the
history anything is a stab in the dark. I'm trying to be helpful here based
on personal
and professional experience.


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