[plug] PDA/Mobile - somewhat off topic

Adam Hewitt adam.h at staff.iinet.net.au
Wed Nov 30 14:18:22 WST 2005

Hi All,

Somewhat on the topic of PDA's, I have been researching and reviewing
(and researching and reviewing..) PDA/Mobile phones and I am having a
very hard time trying to make a decision. My main requirements are:
small, stylus input, good battery life, lower cost the better (but not
at the detrement of quality or any of the afformentioned requirements)
and preferably wireless (802.11X)...Linux contectivity would be nice,
but its not a selling point as it will mostly be for work use which has
a windows SOE.

So far I have been looking seriously at the O2 XDA2 Mini, the I-Mate Jam
(which I know is the same as the o2), I-Mate K-Jam, E-ten E500, Sony
Ericsson P990i (which I know isn't being released until early next year)

For the sake of having the keyboard (which I mostly wont use) and
wireless I can't really justify the $500 for the I-Mate K-Jam, and as
the others don't have wireless I would like to be able to at least fill
the SD slot with a wireless card.

In anycase can anyone give recommendations or give me good or bad points
to any of these?? Given the off topic nature, please feel free to email
me directly (don't want to upset Senectus :P )


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