[plug] kdesktop & icewm together

Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Sun Apr 8 20:12:56 WST 2007

Is there any serious disadvantage running kdesktop on top of icewm?

Background: I have a low-end laptop of 400MHz with only 128Kb ram.  It
works best with icewm, which I have customised with my own toolbar, etc.
However, I also have kdebase and some kde apps installed.  I don't
really need/want desktop icons, but as an experiment I started kdesktop
over an icewm session and was presented with the kde desktop icons (and
right-click menu) above my icewm toolbar and everything else icewm (not
really a surprise, I know ;-) )  I know if I really wanted icons I can
run rox (or others), and not kdesktop. 

So, my question is: is this combo a workable option, or would I be
bogging ice down to run kdesktop?


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