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Kai vk6ksj at westnet.com.au
Tue Apr 24 19:44:22 WST 2007

The real cost of $3 Windows

I especially like the bits at the end of this article, like:

And Ubuntu 7.04, code named Feisty Fawn, is not crippled software. It’s
a sophisticated, fully functional, modern operating system that is more
secure, and arguably more efficient than Windows Vista. It also comes
with a boatload of excellent software, including an office suite that
does what MS Office does-all for free.

So why would a developing country want to pay $3 per PC when it can get
a much better deal for free? The real cost of Microsoft’s $3 offer to
developing countries is much higher than its price tag suggests. The
real cost is getting sucked into a proprietary world and the loss of
choice that open source software would bring.

I was gunna grab the latest version of SimplyMepis but I couldn't find
it on 3FL, since Ubuntu 7.04 is on 3FL I'm downloading it now, should be
done in about an hour.


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