[plug] CD-ROM problem

William Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Sun Dec 2 18:33:30 WST 2007

Hi Kev - could they be multi-session cd's?

cdrecord has a few options like msinfo which may help read out whats on
the disk.

Multisession used to give me grief a few years ago whenever a MacOS9
user sent me a disk - defaulted to the first session, nd sometimes gave
weird errors.


On Sun, 2007-12-02 at 17:09 +0900, Kev wrote:
> Hi gize,
> I apologise in advance for a rather lengthy post.
> I need some help please, with what appears to a proprietary format on a 
> set of mp3 CDs.  My children bought a set of mp3 CDs which I wanted, for 

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