[plug] No more seagate for me...

Adrian Chadd adrian at creative.net.au
Wed Dec 12 13:15:48 WST 2007

On Wed, Dec 12, 2007, William Kenworthy wrote:

> I think a few "pro-active" headlines would be better - "Make your data
> safe and secure, use this device as YOU want!", "Linux makes dud WD
> device usable" - seems more appropriate than hand wringing ...
> Piracy? - debatable.

So there's this device which you can put on the internet and fill it full
of media files. Just put it there and let your friends download it.

People catch onto this and they start selling like hotcakes - now people
in college dorms put these online so their friends can share their movies
without having to leave their loud computer on 24/7. Sales skyrocket. :)

Someone sues, noting that although the device can do "other things",
it is primarily used (backed up by sales and usage data) to facilitate
illegal file sharing.

Same deal with the iPod hackiness to avoid copying music. Its still there -
you can plug it into a *NIX box and suck off the mp3s without trying too
hard. But for some reason you can't plug in an iPod and copy off the music
via Finder or iTunes..


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