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Daniel J. Axtens danielax at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 19:07:41 WST 2007

> I see in the AGM 2007 minutes that the current librarian Ken has had 2
> offers to take over as librarian (one of which was me) :). It says
> that this was supposed to be sorted out "on list"... so i suggest we
> start here and now.

Perhaps a bigger issue facing the library is the one mentioned in the
Librariains report - that is, no-one actually enquired about
*borrowing* anything from the library. Why? Primarily because it is
now easy for most people to download an ISO image over their internet
connection. This wasn't the case several years ago when the library
was first created. Whoever takes over the library will need to figure
out how to keep the library relevant - or if there is any point in
having a library at all. Just my thoughts...

> I will attend all
> the PLUG meetings etc (even though I did miss the AGM... that was a
> once off).
Wow - can we volunteer you for committee as the person to close/lock
the workshop area? You might even get a free UCC membership! (Maybe.)

This isn't mutually exclusive with the library postion, btw. Don't
feel under any pressure, either - I just thought this might be
something that would be helpful for PLUG, if you intend to be such a
regular attendee :)


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