[plug] linux-friendly pda

Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Fri Feb 2 17:09:34 WST 2007

I am looking to get a suitable pda - just a cheapish 2nd hand one.  I am
curious to know from your individual knowledge and/or first hand
experience should I look to something like a zaurus that is running a
version of linux natively, or is there more merit in a palm pda that
synchronises with evolution that I use all the time?  I like the idea of
the latter, but I thought I had read that the palm OS was dead. 

OTOH, I also need to get a new mobile, so should I look at one of those
pda/phones instead?  I hate the waste of 'throw-away' mobiles so I
haven't upgraded for 8 years :-) and know nothing about the new breed of

The reason for my curiosity is that I am heading back to uni to do a
second degree and am getting myself organised for the upcoming 1st
semester.  Many years ago I used a casio pda to sychronise with outlook
(lookout) on win98 to manage all my timetables, todo lists, etc.  Now,
of course, I want to do the same with linux and evolution (that I use
for email, calendering, etc).



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