[plug] linux-friendly pda

Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Wed Feb 14 15:34:34 WST 2007

On Tue, 2007-02-13 at 22:14 -0800, Fred Janon wrote:
> You definitely want to avoid the 600. At this point, I would ignore the
> 650 and look at the newer models. Not sure if it is still the case but
> the ones with the external antenna were getting much better signal. No
> external antenna = better look but headache for the signal engineer.
> Don't take my word on it, technology changes fast.
> The rest of your questions is personal preference I guess. Have you
> also checked into buying it directly from Palm? Not sure if it is even
> interesting, most of the time not from a manufacturer, but they run
> factory sales sometimes. I never had to buy one, I had 6 on my desk
> back then! :)

Thanks for the tips, Fred ... BTW, I realised after sending my previous
message that I forgot to acknowledge your contributions to this
thread :-).

The problem I see with part of your latest advice, though, is that you
advise getting the latest model treo (that will be biased by what I can
afford) and to get the ones with the external antennae.  Trouble is the
latter feature stopped with the model 650.  What do ya' reckon on the
newer ones, not having this feature then?  Just a contradiction I'd
appreciate you clarifying :-) 


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