[plug] linux-friendly pda

Adam Hewitt ahewitt at ursys.com.au
Wed Feb 14 16:02:12 WST 2007

> Thanks for the tips, Fred ... BTW, I realised after sending my  
> previous
> message that I forgot to acknowledge your contributions to this
> thread :-).
> The problem I see with part of your latest advice, though, is that you
> advise getting the latest model treo (that will be biased by what I  
> can
> afford) and to get the ones with the external antennae.  Trouble is  
> the
> latter feature stopped with the model 650.  What do ya' reckon on the
> newer ones, not having this feature then?  Just a contradiction I'd
> appreciate you clarifying :-)
> Gavin

Just for reference I have an XDA II Mini which I am itching to  
accidentally drop into a bucket of water or from an extreme hight.  
The hardware is excellent, but the software (Windows Mobile 2003) is  
just useless. The battery can last me a week without charge, but I  
need to make sure that bluetooth is off, which I don't mind. I have  
to "re-calibrate" the stylus at *least* once a week, sometimes I need  
to do it immediately after I have just done it. It used to crash  
constantly, either rebooting itself or hard locking and requiring a  
hard reset, however this seems to have decreased (although I may have  
just gotten used to it and reset it without thinking about it). I  
would also get dropouts and hard locks when answering a call  
etc...although that definitely hasn't happened in a while.

I installed Ubuntu on my macbook this past weekend and despite  
getting Beryl and GLX all working and it all looking sweet, I could  
not get my mobile to sync with evolution. I could see the phone  
plugged in, I could see it sync but it would always say that I had  
nothing to sync. Needless to say this was a deal breaker and I  
deleted the linux partition immediately. From what I have read the  
syncing software is currently in various states of suck, depending on  
what you are trying to sync with.

If I was going to buy another phone (more like when I finally destroy  
this peice of crap) then it will more than likely be a Sony-Ericsson  
P990i or whatever the equivalent is at the time, followed shortly  
after by the new Apple iPhone whenever that is released.


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