[plug] OT: vmware

Adrian Chadd adrian at creative.net.au
Thu Feb 15 08:31:12 WST 2007

On Thu, Feb 15, 2007, Jason Nicholls wrote:
> Hey Bill,
> On Thu, Feb 15, 2007 at 06:55:16AM +0900, W.Kenworthy wrote:
> > vmware are driving me crazy.  I need the vmware tools package for linux
> > (running fedora on gentoo :) and I cant find the VMwareTools package on
> > their website.  customer support isnt much help - takes 24 hours between
> > emails and all I got so far was the workstation download page and no
> > vmwaretools.
> > 
> > Is vmwaretools still needed (the message from the vm says it is) and
> > where on their 'orrible website does it live.

It isn't "needed" but it'll certainly make life so much easier.

> > Their website plays havoc with my firewall, sending packets to unopen
> > ports (random I suspect) that triggers the firewall to blackhole it.
> > Only a very few websites do this ...

ORLY? Thats interesting. I wonder what its doing!

> VMWare tools should be included with the player (well I use Workstation
> and Server versions, not sure about the standalone 'Player' version). In
> the menu go to VM menu and select "install VMware tools".
> This will mount a CD in the VM with some different packaging of the
> vmware tools, e.g. tar.gz and .rpm. I can't recall 100% but just take a
> look at the contents.

Yup, and the package it gives you depends on the OS you told VMWare you were
running in the VM.

If you have to compile the tools from source (like I do for debian) then just
make sure you've got the compiler and kernel headers installed.

IIRC some options expose it as a CD, some expose it as a USB device. I forget

Quite nifty really.


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