[plug] linux-friendly pda

Michael Hunt michael at aussie.oddsocks.net
Thu Feb 15 17:10:26 WST 2007

Brad Campbell wrote:

> Fred Janon wrote:
>> Correction: shipping for developers in March, commercially targeted in
>> Oct. Looks good though, with lots of people with good intentions.
>> Reading their announcements is interesting.

> Yes, I've been following the openmoko devel list closely since its 
> inception. I'll repeat my wager though.. On release I'd punt it won't 
> sync with linux.
> Very little information about their PIM apps yet, though the source code 
> release is only a day or two away now.. time will tell I guess.

Listen to the latest episode of LugRadio (http://lugradio.org). They did 
an interview with one of the developers which was quite interesting. 
Looks like it also won't be limited to just the one piece of hardware 
and seems to have all the tweak ability factor of the apple iphone 
without 'the promise but fail to deliver because we are going to lock it 

I love the idea of convergence in a phone (aka smart phone), however I 
think it is just like most things that try and be all things to all 
people, they really fail to deliver on what counts. I'd suggest we wait 
for another 10 years to see true and usable convergence in this sector. 
Besides by then Linux will have reached world domination and evolution 
will be stable enough to sync properly with any device. All of this is 
also more environmentally friendly since you won't be adding pollutants 
to the environment every time you have to charge you battery or toss out 
a piece of hardware that failed to live up to the hype.

Michael Hunt

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