[plug] X zoom problem fixed.

Jim Householder nofixed at westnet.com.au
Thu Feb 15 21:17:51 WST 2007


I just installed FC6 from the "Linux Magazine" DVD and immediately 
upgraded the kernel to  The version of xorg I got is 7.1.1.

Using the same xorg.conf that works on another system, zoom failed. 
C-A-kp+ and C-A-kp- did nothing.  No errors, blinks, beeps.  The 
keystrokes were not passed to emacs so they were being trapped somewhere.

Remembering that a number of times in the past I've reported problems 
before verifying I had the latest versions, I updated several xorg files 
using the smart package manager (quite nice, that) and restarted X.

Zoom works now.  It appears that the distro is flawed.


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