[plug] vpn to edith cowan uni

Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Fri Feb 16 09:51:39 WST 2007

I'm about to start a two-year graduate study program at ECU (ML).  It's
a midlife career change after 16 years being self employed :-) :-( -
that's happy AND sad emoticons, if you hadn't picked it!

When I had a short stint studying at ECU several years ago, they had a
vpn client that I installed on my (then) win98 system. This allowed me
to log into their servers remotely to surf databases that used IP for
authentication.  So, my question is, do any current or recent-past ECU
students know if that will be an option for me now that I'm an
exclusively linux household?  Do I get a package from IT at ECU, like
before, or do I use gpl vpn solutions on my system?  (I don't have any
experience with vpn, ssh, etc)   

This may be answered fully by the IT people when I do an orientation
session, but I wanted to know in advance from your collective wisdom and
any first-hand experiences ;-)


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