[plug] Ubuntu 6.06 installation/address resolution - update.

Sol Hanna president at bswa.org
Wed Jan 10 20:06:43 WST 2007

> I've recently had a strange dns problem with my new netcom adsl router.
> Windows client worked fine with it.  Ubuntu didn't.  I changed
> my /etc/resolv.conf to point to the isp's nameservers, rather than the
> adsl router and all the problems went away.  If I did an nslookup on the
> adsl router, it would sometimes return as the address, which
> was of course the routers own address.  I haven't investigated any
> further to find out why.
I'm having the same problem with Ubuntu 6.10. It's related to using 
NetworkManager. In some ways it's great to have this autoconf tool, but it 
still needs work IMHO. NetworkManager seems to talk control 
of /etc/resolv.conf. Just like you I've changed it manually and had the 
problems go away, but upon reboot my edits are gone and it's pointing back to 
my adsl modem/router. :( 

I'm not quite sure how to stop NetworkManager doing this. It is possible to 
uninstall it and go back to using the old, gnome-networking thingy (forgot 
it's name - it's in the settings menu). Another way around it is to set up 
DNS servers on your modem/router. This is usually pretty straightforward with 
most modems.

HTH; sol


Sol Hanna

Buddhist Society of Western Australia
email: president at bswa dot org

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