[plug] Forum Software

Adrian Woodley Adrian at ScreamingRoot.org
Tue Jul 24 09:49:08 WST 2007

And to prove I'm not shirking any responsibility, I've taken the first 
one (phpBB) and put it on my server.


Have a play, let us know what you think.


Adrian Woodley wrote:
> Following last night's discussion at the workshop, I've done a quick 
> investigation into forum software. Using the criteria of "what looks 
> hot", this is a rough list of what I feel could be contenders:
> phpBB - http://www.phpbb.com/
> punBB - http://punbb.org/
> mwForum - http://www.mwforum.org/
> Drupal, a popular CMS which I've had a lot of experience with, also has 
> a forum module.
> This is by no means a definitive list and is intended to get the ball 
> rolling.
> If ppl with servers could chuck one or two of these (or any others up) 
> so we could all have a look, that'd be great.
> Adrian
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