[plug] Broken Debian upgrade

Daniel Foote freefoote at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 16:48:00 WST 2007

> Also, when I run the aptitude command (with no switches), it tells me
> that the number of broken patches is two, but there appears to be no
> option in aptitude (from the "dialogue" displayed), to list or fix the
> broken packages. How do I list the broken packages, and fix them?

Use 'b' to select the next broken package. Alternately, press 'e' to
view what aptitude thinks you should do about it. Aptitude comes up
with several suggestions, press '.' to see the next one, or ',' to see
the previous one. When you've found a solution that you like, press
'!' to make it stick, or hit 'q' to return to the main screen.

As an alternative to that block of text:

b - move to next broken package
e - view suggestions for fixing broken packages.
. - view next suggestion
, - view previous suggestion
! - apply suggestions
q - return to main screen

Hope this helps...

Daniel Foote.

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