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mark at musicalstoat.co.uk mark at musicalstoat.co.uk
Mon Mar 19 20:29:44 WST 2007

On Mon, Mar 19, 2007 at 07:35:02PM +0900, sothisistheinternet wrote:
> I'm not sure but I'm also interested in this. I'm looking into buying a
> webcam (looking at the Logitech QuickCam Fusion) so my mother can view her
> new granddaughter from the other side of the world. I'd like to also be able
> to use this camera under linux, but I haven't done thorough checking yet.
I got a Logitech QuickCam IM free with my computer recently.  It's not
up to much but it works fine for my needs (which are almost exactly the
same as Ari's, except we don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet).  It
works well out of the box and simply plugged in to the usb port with Ubuntu, 
which is more than can be said for Windows which needed the driver
installing from the cd when I plugged it into my wife's laptop.

In fact it worked so well I haven't looked any further into webcams and
different models.  I suggest you give some a try with linux.

Mark O'Shea

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