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> Hi Guys,
> Sorry, this is a bit off-topic.
> I have a windows machine that is meant to be mounting a CIFS share.
> This works fine, but when I reboot the machine, the mount isn't logged
> on.  If I click on it, it will prompt me for a password (already
> filled in correctly) and if I click OK then it works.  However, I need
> it to log in automatically so that my software can use the share.
> Any ideas?
> Cheers
> Chris
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For a persistant network connection, right click on "My Computer" and hit 
"Map network Drive" (Or open any explorer window and hit Tools --> Map 
network drive)  Fill in the details as needed and check the "Reconnect at 
logon" checkbox.  This will make sure it's reconnected next time you log on. 
You should even be able to use a different username and password if you need 
to by hitting the "Connect using a different username" link near the bottom.


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