[plug] Mounting Network Drives

Daniel Pearson (Flashware Solutions) daniel at flashware.net
Sat Nov 10 04:55:51 WST 2007

Common way around this, is to use the net USE command, with the 
user/pass specified in there, and chuck it in the Windows startup folder.

Insecure? Yes. Quite often the only way to achieve what you're after? Yes.

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Chris Watt wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Sorry, this is a bit off-topic.
> I have a windows machine that is meant to be mounting a CIFS share.
> This works fine, but when I reboot the machine, the mount isn't logged
> on.  If I click on it, it will prompt me for a password (already
> filled in correctly) and if I click OK then it works.  However, I need
> it to log in automatically so that my software can use the share.
> Any ideas?
> Cheers
> Chris
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