[plug] Network Monitoring Solutions

Adam hewitt ahewitt at skybridge.com.au
Tue Nov 13 09:09:10 WST 2007

Hi All,


I am currently going through the testing phase of a project to implement a
new NMS and I was wondering if anyone here had any recommendations?


The basic requirements are:

Scalable to more than 10000+ network elements

Usable response times for users on reasonable hardware

API for interface modification and custom config and reporting

Preferable open source and/or free

Obviously run on Linux

Ability to run in a distributed manner

Must support SNMP polling

Preferably be able to support SNMP traps and Netflow



At the moment I am looking at Zabbix and OpenNMS. Does anyone have opinions
of these and do you have any others that I should add to the list.






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