[plug] Fwd: Worldwide 2008 Mandriva Linux Installfest

David Dartnall darts at dialix.com.au
Sun Nov 18 17:13:11 WST 2007

Alex Polglaze wrote:
>> Just received this somehow...perhaps sometihg PLUG should look at 
>> doing, when was the last installfest?(this doesn't mean I use 
>> mandriva btw)
> Gee, it just shows how organised Linux people are. We have been a 
> registered user of Mandriva/Mandrake for 7 and a half years and this 
> is the first thing we have heard about it.
> In fact, it is the only thing we have heard from them for nearly two 
> years, so I thought that they were finished and have started moving 
> away to other flavours.
> I have said this many times before and I will say it again. Linux has 
> a long, long way to go before it even looks like a real alternative to 
> the great masses of computer users. It just appears too completely 
> disorganised to be able to achieve anything.
> Remember perception IS reality.
> Alex
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>> Subject: Worldwide 2008 Mandriva Linux Installfest
>> Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 22:35:40 +0800
>> Mandriva rallies the community of Linux users in many cities across
>> the globe on November 17th.
>> In order to bring Linux to new users and present the new features and
>> technologies available in Mandriva Linux 2008, Mandriva is mobilizing
>> its network of Linux User Groups (LUGs) to coordinate a worldwide
>> Installfest on November 17th 2007.
>> Installations of Mandriva Linux One will take place all around the
>> world, thanks to the Linux community. Major participating locations
>> will include the Ecuador, China, Poland, Russia and France. Expert
>> Mandriva Linux users are invited to assist beginners to help them get
>> started with the operating system. Participants will be able to:
>>    * Get help on installing Mandriva Linux 2008 on their laptop or
>>      desktop free of charge.
>>    * View demonstrations of all that can be done with Mandriva Linux
>>      2008.
>>    * Get answers to their questions.
>>    * Meet other Mandriva Linux users, and chat with their local
>>      community.
>> The installation is often the toughest step for a beginner willing to
>> adopt a new operating system. This is why Mandriva invites anyone
>> wishing to know Linux better to join the free install fests on
>> November 17th or 24th. These installfests are made possible thanks to
>> the power of the knowledge sharing spirit, one of the keystones of the
>> open source community.
>> Be sure to check where installfests are located within your area:
>> http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Community/Events/InstallParty2008
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Yes Alex, I found Mandrake/Mandriva difficult as well. I don't believe 
that's a good enough reason for you to Write Linux Off though. My 
experience with Ubuntu bas been excellent, and there are no doubt Suse 
and RH users for instance who will in principle support the absolute 
value and flexibility of Linux.

Dave Dartnall

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