[plug] Funky NFS - Subdirectory exports

Adrian Chadd adrian at creative.net.au
Tue Jan 1 20:42:44 WST 2008

On Tue, Jan 01, 2008, Timothy White wrote:
> On Jan 1, 2008 7:28 PM, Adrian Chadd <adrian at creative.net.au> wrote:
> > Which operating system?
> Linux, Ubuntu Edgy/Gutsy on amd64 machines. Ext3 filesystem.

Then it should work, but I've never done it out of habit
(BSD background here.)

> >
> > (ZFS makes this nice - mount points are cheap, so you just create lots of them..)
> So in essence, I can just do a mount over /home/public using bind? Or
> for example, move /home/public to /home/public.real and bind mount it
> to /home/public?

.. bind ? <-- confused.


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