[plug] Configuring wget using .wgetrc

Buddrige, David David.Buddrige at dpi.wa.gov.au
Wed Jun 11 10:17:46 WST 2008

Hi all,

I am trying to use wget to download a webpage to a local machine.

My problem is that I have a proxy but the proxy settings are not
explicitly defined.  In my firefox proxy settings I have the option "Use
automatic configuration script" ticked and a value of
"http://[some-ip-address]/wpad.dat" for the configuration script to use.

Therefore, setting the command line options "--proxy-user=SOMEUSER" and
"--proxy-password=SOMEPASSWORD" is not going to work.  

Does anyone know if it be possible to configure wget to operate using an
auto configuration script for proxy settings?

Thanks heaps guys,


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