[plug] Overly mobile mail solution

Brad Campbell brad at wasp.net.au
Mon Mar 3 21:54:48 WST 2008

William Kenworthy wrote:

> However, I think the major problem is openvpn just doesnt like marginal
> links.  My recent experience in Thailand (the australia-thai data
> connection is a single, flakey dial up modem - well that was how it
> looked :) and openvpn using Evolution was ... painful.  It worked sort
> of for ssh and some other things (like programming mythtv), but email
> was very hit&miss.


I've run openvpn in parallel with ssh tunneling here for the last couple of weeks to test just that 
theory (as I used to exclusively ssh tunnel up until about a year ago) and I've found it to be 
pretty much on a par reliability wise.. different networks / different conditions I guess..

I probably push it a bit far sometimes, as all of my pop3 / SMTP links are tunneled over ssh via a 
local shell on all machines I get mail from so I never expose my password plaintext.. this does 
contribute to the latency a small amount, but not really noticeably (in fact it seems a little more 
reliable tunneled over ssh).

Thanks for the ideas, I'll check out some of the proxies and see what turns up.

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