[plug] ooxml

mccabedj mccabedj at ucc.asn.au
Wed Mar 26 10:40:43 WST 2008

W.Kenworthy wrote:
> I am using OO 2.3.1 and it seems to recognise it - but just crashes.
> Sending the file to OO with a bug report is not an option as it contains
> personal information :(

If you were very enthusiastic you could perhaps
1) ask the sender to send you a similar document without sensitive 
information; or
2) Submit a bug report and offer to email the file to someone 
officialish; or
3) Edit out the sensitive information (Is the XML file in a text based 
format? If not you should still be able to use the sed command to remove 
sensitive text without breaking the file more than it is already.)

> I asked the sender for another copy in doc format which is fine.
> BillK

...or since you're problem is now fixed, you could just hope that the 
next person this bug bites has a less sensitive file to upload :)

John C. McCabe-Dansted
PhD Student, University of Western Australia

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