[plug] printer won't restart

Tomasz Grzegurzko tomasz89 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 11:45:24 WST 2008

>  Thanks Tomasz.  My distro is Rsdhat 9 and the printer connection is
>  parellel to parellel.
>  Your reply made me think back to basics and I checked the cords behind the
>  computer and do I feel stupid; the printer parellel cable had fallen away
>  and there was no connction to the computer.
>  However the problem remains after I reconnected the cable and rebooted.
>  Firstly, kuzzu didn't start up and the CUPS test page didn't start either.
>  Also, how do I remove the printer through the GUI?
>  Secondly, when I do "# service cups status" to see if cupsd is running or
>  not, I get 'bash: service: command not found"
>  and I can't proceed from there.
>  I also get "$ or # lpc" and "bash: lpc: command not found" and "$ or #lpr"
>  gives "bash : lpr: command not found"
>  But "$ or # lpq" works OK.
>  Can anyone explain this.
>  Thanks


My Redhat 9 days are more than rusty; I'd be hacking
/etc/cups/cupsd.conf (or whatever existed in those days, is it the BSD
lpr daemon or cups you're using?) to remove that printer then re-add

If you want an easier time though, I'd strongly recommend upgrading
your distro...


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