[plug] OS free laptops?

Max mn8_linux at westnet.com.au
Thu May 8 10:22:51 WST 2008

Just one thing about Dell, they seem to be quite accommodating as it 
seems that they can give discounts and play around with prices, i would 
suggest that they would have worn the MS tax them selves maybe to get 
the sale or just keep a satisfied customer.
I doubt if other retailers would be so happy about it ?

I bought a Dell laptop last year and all hardware seems to work well, i 
got a good deal but i must admit that i didn't think of asking them to 
dispose of the redundant MS slopware!

Regards Max.
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> Hiya,
> Yes I've managed it, bought a laptop with Dell and spoke to an Indian
> who really couldn't care less. I was simply quite hmm, clear and
> unwavering, not quite to the extent of being stern, and basically got
> what I wanted.
> But then I have to deal with many people on the phone who give me
> less than stellar service and so I'm used to it. If you're convinced
> what you're asking for is fair, then stand up for it.
> Or ask yourself: What would Gordon Ramsay say? Take out the swearing
> and say that. :)
> Tomasz

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