[plug] OS free laptops?

Tomasz Grzegurzko tomasz89 at gmail.com
Thu May 8 10:33:24 WST 2008

> :-)
> Cheers for that. I'm guessing the value of refund is what the OEM paid for
> the
> license, is that right ?
> If so, how did that compare with the "OEM price" that people pay over the
> counter ?
> It's an interesting metric because OEMs don't want to reveal the real cost
> of
> their bulk OEM license agreements but presumably they don't want to give
> you
> more cash back than their cost either.
> Harry


You'll probably be disappointed with the discount, so yes you've got the
right idea, it's nowhere near what you actually pay over the counter, even
for an OEM copy, but it's something and I figure it sends a message back to
HQ... if enough people do it ;)

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