[plug] broadband with linux

Coral and Ben cobel at bigpond.com
Sun May 18 09:07:59 WST 2008

> Can't you get BroadBandNet there?  Check out bbnet.com.au.  Also 
> there's a relatively new player offering wireless in the regional 
> areas - Ocean Broadband.  I'm in Albany on BBNet and I was under the 
> impression that they covered most of the wheatbelt.
I'll call them both on monday - you never know, things change pretty 
quickly, last time i had a look into it, ocean had nothing here, and I 
don't recall ever seeing anything on bbnet.

The good thing about those two options is they both provide actual 
router modems, so they would both be fine with linux, that might be 
something the original poster would be interested in.
> That'll be 2d please :-)
> Kev

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