[plug] Free 19" CRT Monitor and 68CM CRT TV

Scott Middleton scott at assuretek.com.au
Fri Nov 20 13:56:17 WST 2009


Thought I would offer pluggers first.

I have a massive 19" (maybe bigger) CRT ADI monitor. Damn good if you play
retro games on an old PC. Too big for me to keep any more.

I also have a 68cm CRT Teac TV

Both work fine, remote for TV needs tape to hold batteries in.

Free to the first person to pick up both. I live in Willetton call me on
Mobile below.

Scott Middleton
Managing Director
Linux Consultants Pty Ltd t/as AssureTek
Email - Scott at assuretek.com.au
Phone - 1300 551 696
Mobile - 0400 212 724
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