[plug] OT: Pool of IPs for testing load-balanced connections

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Thu Sep 3 12:12:41 WST 2009

Tim <weirdit at gmail.com> writes:

> Universities.  ISP ftp servers.

...because you want to replicate the problems that Tardis and Trinity College,
Dublin, NETGEAR and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, SMC and CSIRO, and
D-Link and Poul-Henning Kamp all caused, right?


That just covers a subset of the issues that this sort of clever decision
causes, incidentally.  They just happen to be high visibility.

> Friends static ip's. Friends servers hosted somewhere?

...these are good suggestions.  They don't involve abusing a random third
party for your own services.


> Or better yet.... How about the root DNS servers? (Ducks from any flack
> headed my way about extra load and miss using the root DNS servers)

...and so you should.  Damn, man, but what are you thinking?


So, tell me, which IP that you manage should we all start abusing for random
service checks, eh?

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