[plug] OT: Pool of IPs for testing load-balanced connections

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Fri Sep 4 10:54:41 WST 2009

Adrian Woodley <Adrian at Diskworld.com.au> writes:

> The routing tables will only now as far as their local gateway device (NextG
> router, Satellite modem, etc), which will be performing NAT. Knowing that
> your gateway device is up doesn't necessarily imply that it has Internet
> access, especially with things like NextG and Satellite.
> This is why it would be a lot easier if this style devices supported a
> better routing protocol than RIP.

*nod*  Wouldn't it be nice?  Last time I had to solve an issue similar to
this, with this sort of constraint, I ended up with a bit of Perl that would
screen-scrape the ADSL modem, extract the current local IP, then add one to
the final octet to get the remote IP.  Ugly as sin.

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