[plug] Proposal to discuss before Tuesday talk: GSLUG

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On Thu, 2009-09-03 at 12:27 +0800, Bret Busby wrote:
> On Thu, 3 Sep 2009, Leon Brooks wrote:
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> > Subject: [plug] Proposal to discuss before Tuesday talk: GSLUG
> > 
> > Great Southern LUG, covering Albany, Denmark, Mt Baker,
> > Walpole, Narrikup, Tenterden, Porongorup, Elleker,
> > Torbay...
> >
> > I know of self, Kev, Walter & a few others living here
> > who see a crying need for Linux support down here.
> >
> > I know of (haven't met any personally) 3 Linux-
> > knowledgable techs who have left the area within the
> > last year, plus half a dozen others who idly use Linux
> > for personal stuff.
> >
> > Cheers; Leon
> >
> To identify it as being in WA, how about WA Great Southern LUG 

I'm sure if they felt the need to specifically identify as being from WA
they may well consider that suggestion.  Like PLUG however, that may not
be an itch they feel needs scratching.  The whole idea of states is so
last century that the sooner we abandon it the better.

> If you are considering incorporation, from memory, a minimum of 5 
> members is required, to institute incorporation (see 
> http://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/ConsumerProtection/Content/Business/Associations/Some_Basic_Information.html 
> , and the text under the heading "Eligibility for incorporation").

I'm sure if they had any need of the benefits that incorporation would
bring, they could be considered to be a 'chapter' of PLUG for legal
purposes should the need arise.  Personally, I suspect the need for a
separate legal entity just isn't there.

> If sufficient interest exists, for a LUG as described, I think it is a 
> great idea.
> It could also help "spread the message", in the Great Southern area, 
> including the possibility of getting local governments and businesses, 
> to switch to Linux, to cut costs (and increase computer system security 
> and reliability), and this would all be enhanced, by having a specific 
> LUG, local to the area, with listed support professionals.

Meh.  Perhaps a slight spinoff effect, but I'm sure the driving
motivations are more personal for most of them.  Unless you're providing
commercial support services those things tend not to be a big motivator.
Open source tends to be very much about self interest, and the biggest
self interest factor seems to be all about doing it for the fun of it.
The word spreads when the fun spreads.

> The message above, does not indicate whether a separate mailing list 
> would be wanted, or whether the members of WAGSLUG (?) would simply be, 
> or, continue to be, members of this list. Either or both options, should 
> be workable and useful.

I'm sure if the members of a GSLUG wanted a list of their own they could
easily create one.  I'm also sure PLUG could and would provide one if
they asked.  I'm also sure each member of any such GSLUG would make up
their own minds as to which list(s) they subscribed to (just as
everybody else already does).

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