[plug] system time borking

Peter F Bradshaw pfb at exadios.com
Thu Sep 3 22:02:15 WST 2009


I have never seen the NTP daemon cause this sort of problem so I suspect
that it is not the problem.

Try the following:

Make sure that the time is correct and then shut down the computer. Then
power it up (maybe after an interval) and escape into the BIOS system
before the boot. Check the time there. It should be still correct - but,
most probably, set to GMT. If not the something is happening during
shutdown (unlikely) or you still have a battery problem.

On Thu, 3 Sep 2009, Gavin Chester wrote:

> My acer lappie has been misbehaving for last few weeks by losing its
> system time. At every boot it resets to a random date in the past -
> sometimes as far back as a few years. Suspecting flat cmos battery, I
> opened up the cover where the ram sockets are and replaced the lithium
> battery I found there (it seemed the only accessible, removeable
> battery). That didn't seem to fix things, so in desperation I suspected
> the ntp daemon not finding a good server connection at boot. Turning
> that off doesn't seem to help either. Any clues?
> BTW: each time I reset the lappie time by doing a ntpdate with uwa's
> time server
> Gavin


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