[plug] Proposal to discuss before Tuesday talk: GSLUG

Mark J Gaynor mark at mjg.id.au
Sat Sep 5 19:19:15 WST 2009

I'm with Tim here, we could make the LUG a chapter and host their mail list
and website. The only issue I see is monthly data requirement, remembering
that we are graciously being hosted by Hostaway, and I would not like to
see us abusing the privilege. Having said that, I do think that we could
offer co-hosting to GSLUG or WAGSLUG.


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On 5/09/2009 at 6:43 PM Tim wrote:

:>>> The message above, does not indicate whether a separate mailing list
:>>> would be wanted, or whether the members of WAGSLUG (?) would simply
:>>> or, continue to be, members of this list. Either or both options,
:>>> be workable and useful.
:>> I'm sure if the members of a GSLUG wanted a list of their own they
:>> easily create one.  I'm also sure PLUG could and would provide one if
:>> they asked.  I'm also sure each member of any such GSLUG would make
:>> their own minds as to which list(s) they subscribed to (just as
:>> everybody else already does).
:>I see no reason why the new LUG couldn't have a list of their own if
:>they wanted. The new PLUG server could easily host a virtual host for
:>them if they needed, or just host the web and mail (and list) for them
:>if wanted.
:>Or as suggested, just make them a chapter of PLUG if needed?
:>p.s. I do not promise anything with the server, I just help run it.
:>But I'm fairly sure, knowing the committee, that it wouldn't be an
:>Timothy White - Somewhere in Australia
:>PLUG discussion list: plug at plug.org.au
:>Committee e-mail: committee at plug.linux.org.au

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