[plug] Proposal to discuss before Tuesday talk: GSLUG

Steve Boak sboak at westnet.com.au
Sun Sep 6 13:51:56 WST 2009

On Thu, 3 Sep 2009 11:34:45 am Leon Brooks wrote:
> Great Southern LUG, covering Albany, Denmark, Mt Baker,
> Walpole, Narrikup, Tenterden, Porongorup, Elleker,
> Torbay...

 + Nannup, and I know of users in Greenbushes, Augusta and Kojunup.

> I know of self, Kev, Walter & a few others living here
> who see a crying need for Linux support down here.
> I know of (haven't met any personally) 3 Linux-
> knowledgable techs who have left the area within the
> last year, plus half a dozen others who idly use Linux
> for personal stuff.
> Cheers; Leon

For me, the PLUG list is an invaluable resource, and I think I would still 
keep it as my main contact with the 'local' community. Having a group of 
enthusiasts further south with with meetings I could get to would be an 
advantage. It would be great to have local meetings on the same night as the 
PLUG seminars and be able to interact via video conferencing of some sort. 

Even without a local LUG, I think a list of Linux capable techs in the 
southwest or great southern available for emergency callouts (on a commercial 
basis of course) would be great to have on hand. 

Another thing that would be of interest (to me anyway) and useful for 
spreading the word would be putting some time aside for a mentoring program 
for individuals or groups of people either using Linux or wanting to give it a 

My 2c worth...


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