[plug] Where's menu.list gone?

Kev kdownes at oceanbroadband.net
Wed Jan 6 15:56:50 WST 2010

G'day all, and happy hew year too.  I've just installed Ubuntu Netbook 
Remix (Karmic (9.10)) into my Eee and I can't find menu.list so that I 
can edit the Grub menu.  If I try to execute grub in a console I get 
this message;  "The program 'grub' is currently not installed.  You can 
install it by typing:", yet at boot time Grub reports itself as being 

Any help will be eternally (well, for quite a long time at least) 



Kev Downes
The Other Other Operation
kdownes at oceanbroadband.net  ph 0404 7 0808 2
We currently use Xandros 4.1
There are 10 types of people ...
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