[plug] OT free hardware (old)

Adam Davin byteme-its at westnet.com.au
Sat Jan 9 22:03:13 WST 2010

Hi All,

I don't know the status of any of the stuff below, other than the fact
it is currently in my house and needs to be somewhere else... 

S370 Gigabyte GA 6WOZ7 and Celeron 500 S370. This is in a compact case
which needs a power supply. Main board plugs into a sort of daughter
board thing with the PCI slots on it.

A box of 10 CD rom drives.

Laser 5 1/4" IDE removable hard drive bay for 3 1/2" drives.

3 ATX style cases No power supplies. Two tower, 1 desktop. One of the
towers has a motherboard in it, haven't checked what. Nothing recent. I
don't think it has a cpu or ram. It does have an AGP slot

4 analogue dialup modems 2 dynalink, 1 twister, 1 netcomm. 3 modem -> pc
cables. no power supplies with them

2x dlink DSL300. Not sure where the power supply is

Lots of ISA cards: ~ 7 Network cards, 1 modem card, 2 scsi cards 1
with I think 16mb 30 pin memory, 1 Vibra 16 awe32 with (I think) 2mb on
board 30 pin memory. 2 other sound cards 

1 tape drive that used to plug in via the floppy cable. Not sure where
the cable is. 

6 floppy drives

1 zip 250 drive ide

6x 5 1/4 -> 3 1/2 floppy drive mounting brackets (with faceplates)

3x 5 1/4 -> 3 1/2 internal hard drive mounting brackets 

1x p166 cpu

Thanks and Regards, 


Adam Davin
Byteme IT Services
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