[plug] Allowing only 1 user read access to a file at a time.

Michael Holland michael.holland at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 17:52:35 WST 2010

2010/1/11 Carl Gherardi <carl.gherardi at gmail.com>:

> This is a crap solution - effectively i'm looking for something like a
> license server, but that feels like overkill too.

The traditional way is to print it. And keep the only copy in a locked room.
Anyone entering the room must be searched for hidden cameras.
Its all a bit silly really.  Would you be happy with advisory locks?

Are you talking about an NFS server?
What about using a  web interface to read the document?
A bit of scripting on a web server should do the job. Either limit it
to one IP address, or use a login with existing network

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