[plug] Print Servers

William Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Sun Jan 17 11:38:04 WST 2010

I suspect that a print server may actually prevent you using some
functionality if its "just" a print server.

I have an epson CX5900 (usb) for which cups looks after the printing,
and sane looks after the scanning.  In effect, the linux box is a print
server and remote scanner for my network.

If you want a standalone printserver/scanner/fax/..., $100 may be better
off spent on a small, old model PC which can then be far more flexible.
Or thinking outside the box, use a shevaplug!


On Sun, 2010-01-17 at 10:53 +0800, Jason Posavec wrote:
> I recall a thread recently about somebody trying to get drivers to work 
> for a particularly proprietary MFP, and was having problems getting 
> Linux to recognise all of the various features of it.
> Does anybody know, or has anybody tried any of the print server hubs 
> that are out there? I'm looking at getting a MFP in the future, and am 
> wondering if the print servers look after all the driver-related aspects 
> of the setup, or does the computer still need drivers to access the printer?
>  I'm not talking about a full-on print server that's actually a 
> computer, just the $100 ones you can buy.
> Jason Posavec
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