[plug] Running your own 6in4 tunnels - aka Tunnel Broker

Tim weirdit at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 11:31:40 WST 2010

I'm currently using Sixxs as a tunnel broker to get ipv6 access over
double natted ipv4. Most of the Points of Presence are overseas, so
was thinking of using a server located in australia that has native
ipv6 to setup a tunnel for myself.
Has anyone got good instructions for setting up a tunnel over ipv4 for
ipv6? I know there are clients like Aiccu and gogoc, but what about
the other half, the server?
Otherwise, it looks like I'd need to setup openvpn with some funky scripts.

Any ideas?

p.s. Linux to Linux, I don't really care about win/mac clients, they
are a bonus.

Timothy White - Somewhere in Australia

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