[plug] Linux Friendly Broadband ISP's

David Buddrige dbuddrige at bigpond.com
Mon Nov 22 13:57:25 WST 2010

Hi all,

Does anyone have any recommendations regarding Linux friendly ISP's for
Broadband in Perth northern suburbs?

I'm looking to get [preferably] ADSL2+ service - where my house is would
connect to the Girrawheen Exchange.

I'm considering going with Optus - [so I can bundle my mobile-phone if

Looking at the Optus website, they seem to supply [standard] a Siemens
4200 ADSL Home Modem with their default plans - has anyone got any
experience connecting these up to a linux box?

Any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance all,

David Buddrige. 8-)
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